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Trusted Assistant.

We understand you and your inventory, monitoring your lot and the competition for changes that affect your profits.

Sales Scout

Never miss another market shift

You can sleep well knowing that the Sales Scout is always alert. It monitors your inventory and the competition, and the second something changes that impacts when your vehicles will sell, you get an alert.

Market Intelligence

See how market dynamics affect your profits

Knowing what to pay starts with understanding the current market. By analyzing current supply levels, shopper demand, competitive vehicles and dealership performance, our forecasting engine shows exactly how a potential acquisition fits into the market and how it will sell on your lot.

Sales Forecast

Know in advance if a car will sit or sell

Great decisions start by having all the facts. CarStory is the first product to tell dealers when every car will sell, and for how much. The result is more gross profit and fewer losses. Can you afford not knowing?


Bad data = lost sales and profits

Did you know that up to 30% of a dealer’s listings have major merchandising errors? These mistakes eat away at dealer profits and cause vehicles to sit on the lot for up to two weeks longer. VINspect™ helps you avoid these problems by alerting you the second we find an error, saving you both time and money. 


It is a complement, not a replacement. CarStory Track alerts you to vehicles that need attention and advises you on what you can do to maximize profit and turn.

Inventory management tools are great for merchandising vehicles, syndicating listings and researching market data. Inventory Intelligence is a new category that focuses on answers, not information. It generates AI-based predictions that are dealer specific. Once insights are uncovered, they are shared instantly.

Market day supply is a simple average of two numbers: current supply of a year/make/model/trim vs. the sales rate of that vehicle over the last 45 days. In addition to supply, a sales forecast accounts for features, mileage, price, current demand and dealer performance. Market day supply ignores all of these finer points.

Everyone! There is no limit to the number of users that can use CarStory Track. It is a valuable resources for the GM, Used Car Manager, Sales Manager, BDC reps and Sales Reps on the lot.

Yes. We know that every dealer excels with certain brands, segments and price points. Part of the on-boarding process involves our Data Science team creating a custom AI model to account for these differences. Machine learning helps improve this model every day as it processes more and more results from a dealer.

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