Attract More Shoppers. Convert More Buyers.

A potential customer, or lost opportunity, is a click away. CarStory helps attract and convert more buyers by syndicating your listings and enhancing your website with vehicle and market analytics.

Marketplace Network

Get free traffic and leads

CarStory syndicates your listings to top sites like Car & Driver, Autoblog, and more. Millions of shoppers will see your inventory every month, all for free.

Market Report

Engage and convert more shoppers

Improve your site with AI-based analytics that give consumers everything they need to make a buying decision, on the lot or before they leave home. Built from the ground up for mobile devices, so you can convert shoppers wherever and whenever.

No Cost

The best ROI in the industry

10,000+ dealers are enjoying the benefits of CarStory, and we’re sure you will, too. There’s no risk. Shoppers love it, sales reps love it and it sells more cars. It a win-win!


We have long-standing relationships with the top website vendors, including, CDK, Dealer Inspire, DealerOn and more. For most partners, the deployment is a simple “flip of a switch.” For others it is a matter of adding a few lines of code.

All leads are sent in ADF format to the lead address or addresses of your choice. These will flow into your CRM and can be worked with your standard process.

We have a great best practices document that we can share with you. You’ll learn from the best in the business on how they use CarStory to drive more engagement, conversion and sales.

On average dealers see a 20% increase in lead conversion, a 60% decrease in bounce rate on VDPs and increased engagement throughout the site.

If you have more questions, please check out our support site or email us at We’d love to talk.