Scan. Analyze. Buy.

Buying at the right price, starts with knowing - the marketplace, demand and most important, how each car will sell on your lot.


Great appraisals start with great data

It’s the VIN Explosion of your dreams. We’ve captured and stored more than 200M listings. Using this information, we produce a complete list of features and options saving you time, improving your knowledge and reducing errors. This feeds our forecasting engine, making sure you pay the right amount for every car.


Know how much a car will sell for and when

Our online searchable database and appraisal tool analyzes current prices and inventory levels in the marketplace to help you make better and more profitable purchase decisions.
Market Intelligence

See how market forces impact your profits

Knowing what to pay starts with understanding the current market. By analyzing current supply levels, shopper demand, competitive vehicles and dealership performance, our forecasting engine shows exactly how a potential acquisition fits into the market and how it will sell on your lot.


CarStory analyzes thousands of data points to develop a sales prediction. We account for current supply, demand, unique features, color, mileage, price and a dealer’s performance. Using AI and machine learning, we analyze a VIN against the local market to see exactly when the car will sell and for how much.

A VIN decoder can typically describe 65% of a vehicle. Depending on the make critical factors can’t be uncovered with a VIN decode. The CarStory VIN Vault has over 200M VINS and using that data we can fully describe any vehicle that we’ve seen for sale. Not only is this more accurate, it saves data entry time.

Yes. As the saying goes, you have to measure what you want to prove and improve. We capture all of your appraisal details and the exact state of the market so you can investigate how you did on each appraisal and identify areas for improvement.

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