Being a used car manager is tougher than ever. You don't have time to watch every vehicle, every day. Margins are getting squeezed. 
Yet, you are still expected to deliver results.  

Don't worry, change is coming...


Increase Profits

Get alerted to problems before it is too late. Save on wholesale losses, carrying costs and maximize the sales price.

Turn Cars Faster

Stop wondering if market averages apply to YOUR vehicle. Instead, get recommended prices based on when you want to sell.

Do It In Less Time

Monitoring the market is time consuming. CarStory Insights does the heavy lifting and tells you when you need to act.


Turn Predictor

Know in advance if a car will sit on your lot or sell in a heartbeat.

Turn Drivers

See which features drive cars to turn and whether or not you have them. 

Smart Pricing

See how price changes impact the days on lot predictions.

Market Rank

Know exactly where you stand and which vehicles are the real competition.

Sales Alerts

Never miss an issue. Get alerts delivered to your phone or email.

Instant Share

Can't take action? No problem, share the insight with someone else.

CarStory Teams

If you need to share the work, you can invite unlimited teammates.

World-class Design

Enjoy an unmatched user experience. Don't you wish everything was this easy?


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Data has always driven this industry. What CarStory is doing with artificial intelligence will change the industry forever.